Self Care Support Group for Therapists


One of my late first mentors in the field said, “Sometimes, you’ll find you can only talk with other therapists.” I never forgot that comment. Now with sufficient office space, I finally can offer and facilitate a group I’ve wanted to start for a while– – a self care support group for my fellow therapists.

Whether you work in agencies or facilities, you’re diligent or struggling in building your private practice, or find it difficult keeping that therapeutic distance or setting boundaries, I would like to provide a space to offer guidance and support. 

This confidential group will work, in part, by gaining acceptance and validation from fellow therapists.  You will receive guidance from a therapist that advocates setting healthy boundaries, creating balance, and engages in much self-care.  In turn, we can better serve the community we serve.

This is an open group.  You may join at any time.  The start date is to be determined.   If you have interest, please feel free to give me a call at 407–694–1966, or share this with someone you feel could benefit. Thank you.


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