Individual counseling has the advantage of one-on-one attention.  The time is yours for us to explore what your needs are, and create goals to meet those needs.  We also are able to collaborate on what you can do outside of sessions to overcome what is getting in your way of leading your best life possible.  In my experience working with people dealing with struggles and behaviors that have been hard to break, the guidance provided within individual counseling sessions can help you find out what gives you strength, and build on that, to move forward.



Couples counseling can mean married couples, couples living together, or partners of the same sex.  As long as you are in a romantic relationship with someone, this is a safe place to air your concerns.  Oftentimes, you may seek out couples counseling, with your partner joining in later.  No matter how couples counseling starts, know that a judgment-free zone is provided.  There is not a bias nor favor in couples counseling.  The goal is for all of us to be on the same page to work towards the benefit of your relationship



Group counseling, sometimes called a support group, allows you to not only receive professional guidance and direction from a counselor, but it also helps you to gain perspectives from others that are going through your same struggles.  Sometimes it helps just by physically seeing that you are not the only one, even if it feels that way.  There are no requirements to talk in group counseling sessions.  You may learn better from listening to others, even if it's just one thing that resonates with you.  In my experience running support groups in a variety of settings, you can become more comfortable and cohesive as you get to know each other. What was hard for you to discuss among others in your everyday life, can become even easier to talk about with others having the same experiences. 

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