Domestic Violence--Why Anger Management is not enough.

There are many cases of domestic violence cases in Pinellas County.  In co-facilitating a counseling group called the Batterer’s Intervention Program, offered through the Florida State Attorney’s Office, I learned much about how you can stop the cycle of abuse/domestic violence. There are also places for survivors of domestic violence to receive counseling services and relief in the St. Petersburg, Florida area.  If you need counseling services, or information on where to go, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

The cycle of, “power and control” involved in abusive relationships can be stopped.  It is more than anger management.  Many things you do, including physical or mental abuse, is most usually repeating a learned behavior.  It most likely has stemmed, and been repeated, from previous generations. 

The most prominent thing you can do is learn is how to stop yourself in the moment.  When you learn how to slow down, and break down first the physical signs you notice happening (face turning red, clenched fists, rapid heartbeat), and then the psychological emotions as you are feeling them, there is a better chance of being able to make a change.

What is involved in stopping the cycle of abuse is something you then integrate into your daily life.  You are breaking the pattern.  As with many things you learned growing up, you do not have to repeat what you've learned.  You can take action towards leading a different life where you have a healthy relationship with yourself, in order to have a healthy relationship as a couple.

1.  Notice your physiological signs.  2. Stop yourself in the moment.  3.  It starts with you.

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